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Best Electronic Medical Record Software in Canada

Calvin EMR keeps your patient management safe and efficient. It's a secure platform for making your daily tasks easier by providing you with the tools to analyze and enhance your efficiency effortlessly.

With Calvin EMR, your practice is in good hands. 

Connect to Your Medical EMR Software Anytime, Anywhere

What is Calvin EMR Software?

With easy access from any device, Calvin EMR simplifies your workflow by allowing doctors to conduct video consultations and communicate with patients across the country or the globe.   

Enjoy the flexibility of running your telemedicine services anywhere, anytime. 

Comprehensive Performance Insights with Advanced Analytics

Discover over 40 ready-made reports at your fingertips to monitor your clinic's performance effortlessly. No need for a specialist – Calvin EMR practice management software puts all your business analytics right at your fingertips.

Explore a diverse collection of reports, easily visualize data, and craft your custom reports with our user-friendly report builder. Effortless insights, conveniently in one spot.

Choose Calvin EMR Software for a New-Era Electronic Medical Records System

Future-proof your clients’ medical records with our state-of-the-art software. Boost efficiency, accuracy, and security for a smooth, advanced patient care experience.

How Our EMR Software Can Assist You

Experience efficiency, security, and support all in one place. Calvin EMR can help you with:  


Online Booking

Make booking appointments easy with our online booking feature. It's designed for the ultimate convenience for both your staff and patients.



Electronic Medical Records

Discover the convenience of our EMR system, your secure digital solution for keeping patient records efficiently.



Simplify your clinic's schedule, minimize admin hassles, and concentrate on delivering top-notch healthcare.


Consultation Notes Templates

Save time and stay consistent with our customizable consultation note templates.


Training and Support

We ensure that you and your staff are well-prepared to maximize the full potential of our system.



Make booking appointments easy with our online booking feature. It's designed for the ultimate convenience for both your staff and patients.


Medical Billing

Simplify medical billing, minimize errors, and ensure swift reimbursement for your services.



Improve teamwork with labs using easy integration, making communication smoother and giving you quick access to test results.

Take Charge of Your Schedule with Calvin EMR Medical Electronic Record System

Effortlessly create new patient records and note where they found you during bookings. Doctors' schedules sync automatically with your phone, tablet, or laptop calendars for easy access. Calvin EMR practice management software adjusts to your workflow, letting you focus on what truly matters

We make managing patient appointments and priorities convenient. Take control of your schedule with Calvin EMR today.

All Your Patient Data in One Place

Digital Medical Records Software

Access all patient info in one place with CalvinEMR. Instantly retrieve medical history, lab results, and consultation notes. It's your hub for a complete overview, including:

Simplify your practice with Calvin EMR.

The Future of Efficient Patient Care

Calvin EMR: Your Trusted Partner for Electronic Health and Medical Records

Take your practice to a new level with smooth integration, simplified operations, and precision in healthcare management.

Fully Integrated Artificial Intelligence

CalvinAI is your ally in optimizing treatments and managing patient care. CalvinAI helps you format your AI prompt to obtain the most accurate response with scientific citations and references. CalvinAI can help you:

Calvin AI maximizes the power of ChatGPT for better patient care.

EMR Software Automated Tools for Professional Communication

Set up automated SMS and email notifications to warmly welcome new patients to your clinic and keep them engaged. Enhance patient loyalty by providing convenient access to a patient portal for online bookings.

Explore how our private practice software can enable you to dedicate more quality time to your patients and less time to tedious paperwork.

Electronic Medical Record Software that Reduces the Burden on Your Admin Staff

Our Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Software simplifies your administrative workload with:

Empower Your Practice, Simplify Your Tasks with Calvin EMR

Experience the ease and effectiveness of our Medical Electronic Record System. Transform the way you manage your medical records and focus on what matters most: your patients.

Your Patient's Data is Safe and Secure with Calvin EMR Medical Records Electronic Software

We understand the importance of your patient's data security. At Calvin EMR, we make sure your patient’s information is well-protected and offer easy access controls for your team. On top of it all, Calvin EMR is certified by the Ontario Ministry of Health (OntarioMD certification) and PHIPA/HIPAA compliant.

Moreover, here's how we ensure confidentiality:

Your data is safe with us. We keep it confidential and secure so you can focus on your work without worries.

Looking for a Reliable Medical Electronic Record Keeping?

Crafted by physicians, Calvin EMR prioritizes your time by minimizing clicks for seamless tasks. Our high-speed server ensures optimal data access to let you focus more on patient interactions and less on the computer.

Best Electronic Medical Records System for Any Type of Medical Practice

Calvin EMR is your all-in-one tool for smoothly running your clinic, handling both admin and clinical tasks. With Calvin EMR, you can easily:

Explore the range of medical software solutions that will benefit every practice.

Take Your Practice to the Next Level with Calvin EMR

Connect with your patients effortlessly through video, regardless of their location worldwide. Easily transform any scheduled appointment into an online consultation with just a click.

Our Areas of Expertise

Discover a variety of specialized services we cater:

Family Physicians

Family Physicians

Calvin EMR offers a simplified yet advanced solution for family physicians to streamline their practice management and enhance patient care.

Medical_Surgical Specialists

Medical/Surgical Specialists

Join the many Medical and Surgical Specialists who trust Calvin EMR for their practice management needs.

General Practitioners

General Practitioners

Calvin EMR is the perfect all-in-one solution for General Practitioners to simplify their practice management and provide top-notch patient care.


Allied Healthcare Practitioners

Specifically designed tools and features to enhance the workflows of Allied Healthcare Practitioners, facilitating optimal patient care.


Ultrasound & MSK

Get personalized assistance for practitioners specializing in Ultrasound and Musculoskeletal (MSK) health. We offer advanced features to make your processes smoother and more efficient.



Features designed exclusively for Chiropractors to keep effective practice management experience.


Psychology and Mental Health Practitioners

Supporting the critical work of Psychology and Mental Health Practitioners with specialized features for enhanced patient care.



Get personalized solutions for efficient management and care tailored to your youngest patients.


Physical Therapists

Optimize patient care and practice efficiency with streamlined tools designed for Physical Therapists.


Alternative Healthcare Practitioners

Get support that understands the diverse approaches to health and wellness embraced by our Alternative Healthcare Practitioners.


Podiatry Practitioners

Explore specific features designed for Podiatry Practitioners to make sure precision and ease in practice management.


Massage Therapists

Enjoy dedicated tools enhance the overall experience for both practitioners and clients in the field of Massage Therapy.



Experience advanced support ensuring smooth operations and efficient patient care in eye health for Ophthalmologists.



Access features providing specialized tools for precise eye care management designed for Optometrists.



Find comprehensive solutions supporting effective patient rehabilitation and practice management for Physiotherapists.

No matter your specialization, our platform is crafted to meet the needs of your practice.

Calvin EMR FAQs

Integrating Calvin EMR Software into your toolkit helps address common issues by:

  • Analyzing reasons for cancellations to minimize their occurrence
  • Identifying popular services and practitioners for targeted promotion
  • Investigating cancellation-related scenarios for actionable insights
  • Streamlining payroll through tightly controlled payment and bonus schemes

Calvin EMR software supports clinicians in various ways through its Practice Management Software:

  • Facilitates smart online booking for both individual practitioners and departments.
  • Integrates task delegation based on patient needs, such as assigning a doctor for a reassuring callback.
  • Enables tracking of a comprehensive range of clinical and key performance indicators.
  • Allows the creation of templated documents for the automatic issuance of prescriptions, sick notes, and referral letters.

Optimize clinic effectiveness with Calvin EMR's tools, including a Medical CRM for tracking interactions, EHR for secure patient information, convenient Payments and Deposits, Online Booking for easy appointments, and Reporting and Analytics for performance insights.

Explore if Calvin EMR medical practice management software is the right fit for your clinic with our free account, offering a demo and consultations. 

We'll help you address critical management issues, optimize your digital workflow, transfer data smoothly, and preview upcoming features.

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