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Calvin EMR

Canada's top choice for electronic medical records

Benefit from easy access, automatic reminders, and a platform crafted by physicians for efficiency. Calvin EMR - Your Advanced Medical Record Management Platform and the Best Electronic Medical Record Software in Canada.

Usage Agreement

By using CalvinEMR, you are agreeing to abide by these terms and conditions. If you do not agree, kindly refrain from accessing our services.

Platform Access

Enjoy easy access through any web browser on desktops, tablets, or cellphones. No downloads, VPN, or remote desktop required.

CalvinAI Integration

CalvinAI, our Artificial Intelligence feature, enhances healthcare. It aids in obtaining accurate responses, scientific citations, and references. Use CalvinAI for focused patient interviews, diagnostic test orders, defining probable diagnoses, treatment formulation, and overall patient care management.

Automated Reminders

Delivered promptly, these reminders provide timely notifications, helping you and your patients manage schedules with ease. Never miss a beat in your healthcare journey with CalvinEMR's seamless automated reminders.

Certifications and Compliance

Calvin EMR is certified by the Ontario Ministry of Health (OntarioMD certification) and adheres to PHIPA/HIPAA compliance standards.

Physician-Designed Platform

CalvinEMR, crafted by a team of physicians, prioritizes your time. It minimizes clicks for efficient task performance, ensuring optimal data download with our high-speed server. Spend more time with patients and less on the computer. By using CalvinEMR, you agree to these terms. For any queries, please contact our support team.

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