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Calvin EMR Specialties

Experience the intuitive design that puts the human touch back into EMR. We aim to make a difference in the lives of both providers and patients. With Calvin EMR, we offer more than just features but a genuine commitment to transforming healthcare experiences regardless of your specialty.

Family Physicians

Calvin EMR understands the unique challenges faced by family physicians and strives to provide customizable solutions that meet your needs. Our software is designed to help you streamline your practice, improve patient care, and boost productivity.

With Calvin EMR, you can:

Join thousands of family physicians who have already transformed their practices with Calvin EMR. 

Medical/Surgical Specialists

As a medical/surgical specialist, you need an EMR that can keep up with your fast-paced and complex practice. Calvin EMR offers specialized features to cater to the unique needs of medical/surgical specialists, allowing you to focus on patient care.

Our software helps you:

Join the growing community of medical/surgical specialists using Calvin EMR to deliver exceptional care.

Looking for the Best EMR for Your Practice?

Taking care of patients is your priority, which is why we make it ours too. Calvin EMR offers customized solutions for all types of practices, helping you simplify processes and improve patient outcomes. Thousands of providers have already joined the Calvin EMR family - join us today!

General Practice

Simplify your practice effortlessly and ensure you meet your patients' needs effectively. Calvin EMR simplifies clinic management, enabling you to focus on delivering excellent healthcare.

We prioritize your clinic's success by focusing on:

Try Calvin EMR for your general practice and let your patients see the difference.

Allied Healthcare Practitioners

Our system empowers your practice by:

Manage your allied healthcare practice easily with Calvin EMR. Because we want you to concentrate on what matters most - taking care of your patients.

Transforming Patient Care in Every Practice

Explore the Game-Changing Healthcare Specialties of Calvin EMR Today

From smooth workflows to personalized patient interactions, Calvin EMR empowers you to improve the quality of care you provide. Explore the future of healthcare today.

Ultrasound and Musculoskeletal (MSK)

Choose Calvin EMR or your Ultrasound and Musculoskeletal (MSK) needs. Perfect for:

Calvin EMR offers standard practice management options and specialized features crafted for MSK clinics of all sizes. Simplify your workflow and enhance your ultrasound and MSK practice with Calvin EMR’s user-friendly tools.


Boost your chiropractic clinic with our practice management software. Experience the convenience of:

Our user-friendly features are perfect to take your chiropractic services to new heights. Try it now for free.

Psychology and Mental Health Practitioners

Simplify the management of your private psychology and mental health practice with Calvin EMR practice management software. Designed for you, this best-in-class system lets you focus on giving your patients the undivided attention they deserve.

Take the Stress Out of Clinic Management

No Matter Your Specialty, Calvin EMR is for You

Want hassle-free practice? Try Calvin EMR today. Your patients and your peace of mind will thank you.


As a pediatrician, your primary concern is the well-being of the children under your care. Ensure your clinic operates seamlessly with Calvin EMR – your comprehensive solution.

From self-promotion and patient acquisition to recording consultation notes and beyond, Calvin EMR addresses a spectrum of medical business needs. Elevate your efficiency and improve pediatric care with Calvin EMR.

Physical Therapists

Transform your physical therapy clinic with our practice management software. Calvin EMR offers EHR, billing, medical CRM, and many other essential features to take your physical therapy clinic to a whole new level.

Alternative Healthcare Practitioners

Explore a range of alternative health treatments connected to mainstream healthcare with Calvin EMR. We understand the diverse needs of alternative health practitioners, and at Calvin EMR, we're committed to providing flexibility to meet your needs.

Podiatry Practitioners

Deliver top-notch podiatry services with our practice management software. Our comprehensive tool equips your clinic with everything needed to attract new patients, facilitate online appointments, and more. Elevate your podiatry practice with the right tools for success.

Because Your Patients Deserve the Best

Choose Calvin EMR for Precision in Healthcare

Choosing Calvin EMR means providing your patients with exceptional healthcare experience. Give them the best care they deserve. Sign up now.

Massage Therapists

Maximize your massage therapy practice with essential management software. Upgrade your practice today with the right tool, ensuring smooth clinic operations from online booking to medical CRM and analytics. This allows you to concentrate on providing the best care for your patients.


Enhance your ophthalmology services using our practice management software. With our all-in-one tool, your clinic gets everything necessary to attract new patients, enable online appointments, and more. Equip your ophthalmology practice for success with the right tools.


Our practice management software ensures smooth and organized operation with features crafted specifically for optometrists. Simplify your daily tasks and provide a better experience for your patients.


Simplify your practice and enhance the overall experience for both you and your patients. With features like intuitive billing and efficient documentation, our software ensures hassle-free management of your physiotherapy clinic.

Stay organized, save time, and provide top services with ease. Choose our practice management solution to make your work more efficient and enjoyable.

Because Every Patient Interaction Counts

Choose Calvin EMR – the Choice of Trusted Healthcare Professionals in Canada

Our user-friendly platform ensures every moment counts by simplifying your practice for efficiency and excellence. Choose Calvin EMR to make a lasting impact on patient care.

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