What Makes Us Different?

Calvin EMR Software Features

Trusted by healthcare providers all over Canada, Calvin EMR is the go-to choice for efficient electronic medical record keeping. Spend less time on logistics and more on what matters most – your patients. Calvin EMR puts you back in control.

Online Booking

Calvin EMR's appointment calendar is your stress-free solution for managing your healthcare practice schedule. Scheduling becomes easier with its user-friendly design, flexible views, online bookings, and other handy features.

Electronic Medical Record

Our electronic health records are more secure and convenient than traditional paper records. Never worry about losing crucial information again. Easily access, update, and even print patient records whenever needed.

Calvin EMR keeps your patient data organized to make sure you have all the details about services rendered and treatment programs in one secure place. Make the smart choice for efficient healthcare documentation.

The Future of Healthcare Management

Explore Calvin EMR Features Now

Enhance patient care with user-friendly electronic medical record management, smooth workflows, robust data security, and advanced analytics.

Online Scheduling

Effortlessly manage appointments with our Schedule Module! Receptionists can easily track multiple specialists' appointment times, keeping schedules organized. Instantly notify patients of any changes via text messages. Simplify scheduling and enhance efficiency with our user-friendly system.

Consultation Notes Templates

Design personalized consultation forms effortlessly with our templates. Customize documents to fit your practice's unique needs, saving you valuable time. It's quick, easy, and exactly what you need. Say goodbye to document losses – our templates ensure you're always organized and in control. 

Training and Support

Our team is here for you, whether you need help with document templates, tech issues, or want to share your feedback. Expect a rapid response – we usually get back to you within 10 minutes, often with an instant solution ready for deployment.

Better Healthcare Starts Here

Optimize Workflow with Calvin EMR

Transform your healthcare with Calvin EMR. Click to experience the future of efficient healthcare management – because better healthcare starts here.


Your security is our top priority at Calvin EMR. We protect all the information you input into our platform to make sure your data remains completely secure. Rest easy knowing that your privacy and your patients' confidentiality are fully protected.

Medical Billing

Our finance and accounting modules simplify tracking and managing payment processes, allowing you to generate invoices at any stage of the patient's journey. Plus, effortlessly handle claims and more!


No more waiting around for crucial lab results. With our Lab Integration feature, you can swiftly request and receive test results directly through Calvin EMR.

Save time and make things easier by quickly comparing important data in a table. Boost efficiency and stay on top of patient care with effortless lab integration right at your fingertips.

Choose The Best for Your Practice Choose Calvin EMR

Join countless satisfied users who trust Calvin for efficient and reliable electronic medical record keeping. Make the smart choice for your practice today.

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