Fortified EMR Data Security

At Calvin EMR, we prioritize the security of your electronic medical records (EMR). Our software guarantees:

Our commitment to security empowers your organization with the confidence it deserves. Your data is in safe hands with Calvin EMR.

Cutting-Edge Security Infrastructure with Calvin EMR Platform

We can assure you that your data is secure with us. We employ top security measures, including:

Your data's security is our top concern so you can focus on what matters most – providing exceptional healthcare services.


Reliable Online Security

Access all your practice management tools securely through your preferred web browser.


Robust Data Protection Measures

With advanced safeguards like encryption, powerful firewalls, and continuous monitoring, we go the extra mile to shield your data from unauthorized access.


Regular Backups and Disaster Recovery Planning

We securely store your data with regular offsite and onsite backups. Our robust system, with redundancies and recovery procedures, ensures constant protection and accessibility for your valuable information.

We Secure Your Healthcare Practice

Choose Calvin EMR for Fortified Security

Trust Calvin EMR to protect your records and empower your healthcare practice with state-of-the-art security solutions. Calvin EMR is your starting point for electronic medical records security.

Enhanced EMR Security for Login and Account Access

We prioritize your security with personalized measures for each staff member. Individual login credentials and account permissions help us track actions within your account and act as a barrier against unauthorized access.

Our commitment to your safety goes a step further with integrated two-factor authentication that provides additional protection for your peace of mind. 

Unique User Roles

Access with specific roles like practice administrator, clinician, and more to make sure staff only access what's necessary for their tasks.

Extensive Activity Log

Keep compliance in check with a detailed activity log tracking nearly every action in Calvin EMR.

Two-Factor Authentication

Enhance security with two-factor authentication, requiring a temporary token along with your credentials for added protection against unauthorized access.
Securing Confidential Information

HIPAA-Compliant Storage

Our HIPAA-compliant storage solution is at the core of our commitment to protecting sensitive information. We understand the importance of securing confidential data, and our storage practices adhere rigorously to HIPAA regulations.

Rest assured, your information is housed in a secure environment designed to meet the highest standards of privacy and protection.

Secure, Seamless, and Smart

Empower Your Practice with Excellent Data Security

Trust in the strength of our advanced security measures to empower your practice and provide you with the confidence and peace of mind needed to focus on delivering exceptional healthcare services.

How Calvin EMR Safeguards Your Data

Discover how Calvin EMR prioritizes your data security:

Why Choose Calvin EMR for Data Security?

When protecting sensitive healthcare information, choose Calvin EMR for the following reasons:

GDPR Compliance

We prioritize your data privacy, so we built this platform focusing on GDPR compliance.

Role-Based Access

We make sure the right eyes see the right information with our role-based access controls.

High-Security Data Centers

Your data is stored in high-security data centers, like those trusted by leading banks and financial institutions.

Data Accessibility

Your stored data is readily available whenever you need it, coupled with the option for permanent deletion upon request.

Choose Calvin EMR to provide your patients and colleagues with the uncompromising data security they deserve.

Calvin EMR Security FAQs:

Calvin EMR guarantees timely software updates and security patches to fortify system resilience and protect against vulnerabilities.
Yes, users have control through role-based access in Calvin EMR to make sure only authorized individuals can access sensitive information.

In case of technical or security concerns, Calvin EMR provides dedicated support to promptly address and resolve issues.

Secure Your Patient Data with Calvin EMR

Prioritizing the integrity and confidentiality of your confidential information, we redefine security standards. Trust us for a revolutionary approach to safeguarding your valuable data.
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