Electronic Medical Records Software

Never worry about lost files again, as our electronic medical records software is effortlessly accessible and fortified against unforeseen events, which provides you with the assurance of secure data management. Transform the way you care, one record at a time – with Calvin EMR.

Calvin EMR Software Components

Explore the essential components of Calvin EMR Software designed to streamline your practice:

Electronic Patient Record

Capture a comprehensive account of all medical events and actions taken for each patient.

Forms and Documents

Easily create and store many documents completed outside of appointments directly within your EHR system.

Uploaded Documents

Scan, store, and view digital copies of documents and images directly within the electronic patient record.

Invoices and Billing

Gain a clear insight into your patients' financial standing with a feature-rich system that enables you to generate invoices, receipts, credit notes, and more.

Effortlessly manage your clinic's financial transactions with precision.

Unlock Maximum Potential with EMR Software

Discover the possibilities of efficient healthcare with Calvin EMR Software. Our patient-centric features redefine the care journey.


Seamless Scheduling

Calvin EMR effortlessly blends electronic medical records with your schedule, ensuring automatic and hassle-free appointment bookings.


Friendly Reminders

Say goodbye to no-shows and cancellations. Our system sends thoughtful reminders, keeping patients engaged and appointments on track.


Paperwork Simplified

With Calvin EMR, paperwork becomes easy. Boost productivity and focus on your patients, as our system simplifies internal and patient-facing documentation.

Enhance your practice with Calvin EMR and witness healthcare redefined.

Boost Your Clinic’s Productivity

Try Our Electronic Medical Records Software Now

With Calvin EMR, you're not just adopting a software solution; you're embracing a new era of healthcare efficiency. Try Calvin EMR today and discover the future of healthcare record-keeping at your fingertips.

Documentation Made Easy

The Calvin EMR Advantage for Doctors

Save time with Calvin's user-friendly EHR software designed for doctors of all computer knowledge levels. The interface is straightforward and features drop-down lists and click-button choices to simplify note-taking. Spend more time with your patients as our EHR software simplifies tasks for you.

Securing Your Patients' Notes: Trust in Calvin EMR's EHR System

Rest easy knowing your patients' notes are in safe hands with Calvin EMR's Electronic Health Records (EHR) system. Here's why you can trust us:

01 - GDPR Compliance

GDPR Compliance

Calvin's EMR strictly adheres to GDPR to ensure the highest data protection standards.

02 - Data Segregation

Data Segregation

We prioritize security by storing personally identifiable information separately from medical data and reinforce the integrity of your patient’s records.

03 - Safe Collaboration

Safe Collaboration

Even when collaborating with external partners like labs and pharmacies, Calvin EMR ensures patient data safety and confidentiality.

04 - Smooth Transition

Smooth Transition

Should you decide to switch providers, Calvin Electronic Medical Records allows seamless data transfer. Trust Calvin EMR for a secure and reliable EMR experience.

Benefits of Using Calvin EMR System

Explore the benefits of choosing Calvin EMR for your healthcare practice:

Choose Calvin EMR for a seamless and efficient healthcare management solution.

Comprehensive Electronic Medical Record System

Calvin's Electronic Health Record Software goes beyond a simple patient record that offers a suite of practical tools for your practice:

Paperless Operation

Say goodbye to paperwork as you effortlessly digitize your entire practice.

Effortless Document Uploads

Drag and drop scans, lab results, and more directly into your EHR for easy accessibility.

Automated Prescription

Simplify prescription processes with our drug database from eMC to ensure efficiency in medication management.

Automated Prescription
Laboratory Research

Accurate Diagnoses

Label each diagnosis with ICD-10 coding for heightened precision in your records.

Expert Document Formatting

Access expertly formatted documents for various purposes to enhance the professionalism of your practice.

Customizable Templates

Customize your documentation with ready-made and customizable templates.

Calvin's EMR system is your comprehensive solution for a streamlined and holistic approach to healthcare records.

Transform Patient Management Effortlessly

Try Calvin EMR Software Now

Calvin EMR is your trusted partner on the journey to a seamlessly digitized and future-proof healthcare practice. Achieve precision in managing patients, streamline workflows, and enhance efficiency.

Get the Most from Your EHR

Exceptional Support from Calvin EMR

Our team, with real-life experience in both healthcare and IT, is here to assist you. With Calvin EMR support, you can expect:

01 - Role-specific Training

Role-specific Training

Customized training for all your colleagues to ensure everyone is equipped with the skills they need.

02 - Free Training

Free Training

Enjoy standard, cost-inclusive training sessions to maximize the value of your investment.

03 - Real-time Assistance

Real-time Assistance

Access live support through chat, telephone, and screen-sharing for immediate assistance.

04 - Ongoing Learning

Ongoing Learning

Benefit from regular online masterclasses and weekly training sessions to stay updated and make the most of Calvin EMR.

Choose Calvin for exceptional support that makes your EMR software work seamlessly for you.

The Practical Reasons to Choose Electronic Medical Records

Electronic health records consolidate your data in one accessible place to save valuable time on busy days that could be better spent with patients. By utilizing electronic medical records software, you can:

Calvin EMR Customized for Diverse Specialties

Our customized solutions cater to diverse practices, streamlining processes and enhancing patient outcomes. Join thousands of providers who have already chosen Calvin EMR to simplify their workflows.

Family Physicians

Calvin EMR understands the unique challenges faced by family physicians and strives to provide customizable solutions that meet your needs. Our software is designed to help you streamline your practice, improve patient care, and boost productivity.

Join thousands of family physicians who have already transformed their practices with Calvin EMR. 

Medical/Surgical Specialists

As a medical/surgical specialist, you need an EMR to keep up with your fast-paced and complex practice. Calvin EMR offers specialized features to cater to the unique needs of medical/surgical specialists, allowing you to focus on patient care.

Join the growing community of medical/surgical specialists using Calvin EMR to deliver exceptional care.

General Practice

Our system simplifies clinic management that allows you to concentrate on delivering excellent healthcare.

We prioritize your clinic's success by focusing on patient acquisition, seamless service provision, and enhanced patient retention. Try Calvin EMR for your general practice and let your patients experience the difference.

Allied Healthcare Practitioners

Calvin EMR empowers your practice by:

Manage your allied healthcare practice effortlessly with Calvin EMR, so you can focus on what matters most – taking care of your patients.

Ultrasound and Musculoskeletal (MSK)

For your Ultrasound and Musculoskeletal (MSK) needs, Calvin EMR is the choice. Ideal for:

Calvin EMR provides standard practice management options and specialized features designed for MSK clinics of all sizes. Streamline your workflow and boost your ultrasound and MSK practice with Calvin EMR's user-friendly tools.


Enjoy the convenience of electronic health records (EHR), quick online bookings, insightful reporting, analytics, and more. Try it for free and take your chiropractic services to new heights.

Psychology and Mental Health Practitioners

Simplify the management of your psychology and mental health practice with Calvin EMR. Designed for you, this best-in-class system allows you to focus on giving your patients the attention they deserve.


Ensure your pediatric clinic runs smoothly with Calvin EMR – your comprehensive solution for self-promotion, patient acquisition, recording consultation notes, and more. Improve efficiency and elevate pediatric care with Calvin EMR.

Physical Therapists

Transform your physical therapy clinic with Calvin EMR's practice management software. Offering EHR, billing, medical CRM, and essential features, Calvin EMR takes your physical therapy clinic to a whole new level.

Alternative Healthcare Practitioners Explore a range of alternative health treatments connected to mainstream healthcare with Calvin EMR.

Podiatry Practitioners

Deliver exceptional podiatry services with our comprehensive practice management software. Attract new patients, facilitate online appointments, and enhance your podiatry practice with the right tools for success.

Massage Therapists

Maximize your massage therapy practice with essential management software. Upgrade your clinic operations from online booking to medical CRM and analytics, which allow you to concentrate on providing the best care for your patients.


Enhance your ophthalmology services with our all-in-one practice management software. Attract new patients, enable online appointments, and equip your ophthalmology practice for success with the right tools.


Simplify your daily tasks and provide a better patient experience with our practice management software crafted specifically for optometrists.


Simplify your physiotherapy clinic management and enhance the overall experience for both you and your patients. Choose our practice management solution to stay organized, save time, and easily provide top services.

Upgrade Your Practice Today with Calvin Electronic Medical Software

Say goodbye to the hassles of paperwork and hello to precision, accessibility, and enhanced patient experiences. Take the lead in modern healthcare – upgrade to Calvin EMR and watch your practice flourish.

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